Buying Power/Better Than Box System

Gain Superior Buying Power with Barren County Business Supply

Working with Barren County Business Supply means you get hometown service at superstore pricing—end of story.  The advantages of working with a big box store are its product selection and affordability.  However, it’s no secret that superstores fall short on customer service.  They’re too big to bother giving personalized attention or customizable product and service solutions. 

With the team at Barren County Business Supply, you get it all.  We empower independent dealers to purchase top-quality products at low costs.  And we don’t stop there.  We are a full-service office supply provider committed to partnering with our customers through all aspects of design, installation, sales, and service.  

Barren County Business Supply vs. Big Box Stores

Question  Barren County Business Supply The Box Stores 
What are your payment terms?  Net 30 days  Net 25 days and overdue interest is always charged. No exceptions! 
Do you offer free delivery?  Free delivery on all orders – No minimum order amount.  $50 minimum for free delivery. Some items may be excluded. 
Who delivers my orders? All deliveries are made by our own drivers, delivered exactly where you want it. Couriers, or 3rd party delivery companies.
What about furniture deliveries and installations? Furniture set up and installation is included at no additional charge and is completed by our own furniture installers.  Installation is an additional charge or not included at all. In some cases installation is relegated to a 3rd party.
What products are available? Our catalog represent a fraction of available products. We can source and deliver virtually any office product available in the marketplace.  What you see is what you get. If it’s not in their catalog, you can’t get it
What if you don’t have something in stock? If we don’t have it, we’ll notify you, backorder it and get it for you quickly. No need to reorder. If it’s not in stock, it’s not backorder. You have to remember to reorder it.
What item number do I use? We use the actual item number as printed right on the item by the manufacturer. We can also cross reference UPC numbers and even some of our competitors’ numbers.  The box store uses an arbitrary 5- or 6-digit item numbering system. It’s not related to the manufacturer, which creates confusion.
How is your catalogue organized? Our catalogue is alphabetically organized. "B" for binders, "E" for envelopes. Fast and effective searching means increased productivity for you. Organized according to product group, which can appear anywhere throughout the catalogue, increasing searching time and reducing your real productivity.
Do I have to use my account number when ordering? We call all our customers by name. When you call us, all you need is your company name and address. You must know your 10-digit catalogue code, your 10-digit customer number and your 9-digit payment card number every time.
How do I get an account set up and how long does it take? For most companies all we require is your name, address and telephone number and your account is set up in 24-48 hours. You must complete a detailed account application and then wait 4-6 business days for an approval amount that might not support your purchasing requirements.
Who handles your orders, deliveries, installations, credit and collections? All points of contact are handled seamlessly, all by Barren County Business Supply employees – no third parties. Orders are handled by the box store staff but deliveries, installations and even credit and collections are handled by third parties.
Do you provide outside sales support?  Absolutely. We provide trained sales professionals to support your business success for the long term.  Sales people are trained to open your account only, with no mandate to revisit your company. This makes it difficult to build a true business relationship.
Enhance your business; increase your buying power—call Barren County Office Supply today.