Pre-Owned Furniture

Pre-Owned Scratch & Dent Furniture

Not willing to break the bank on office furniture? Looking to save some cash? We don’t blame you! Look no further than our furniture division warehouse fully-stocked with quality pre-owned office furniture solutions.

Yes, we offer a vast selection of beautiful brand new furniture as well, but we understand that sometimes a dent or a scratch might also be an acceptable option. Take comfort in knowing we’ll do everything we can to ensure you always get the best deal possible.

Same “Full-Service” Rules Apply

Our professionals carefully inspect each of our pre-owned products to ensure all is in proper working order, safe, and ready to go. Pre-owned or not, we remain committed to providing top-tier customer service that includes all aspects of design and installation plus all of the other benefits of working with Barren County Business Supply:

  • Free delivery
  • Free next day delivery on orders placed by 4:30pm CST
  • A variety of available specialized services
  • Nearly 20 years of business supply experience
  • Over 100 years of combined employee experience
  • Design & Installation

Our team is proud to have served the greater Glasgow, Kentucky community since 1996. We owe our continued success to our variety of best-in-class products and especially to our staff of hardworking designers, technicians, and account managers. We’re here to assist in simplifying the office supply aspect of your business so you keep on doing what you do best—run your business.

Office building? Small meeting room? No matter who you are or what your business, we can find the right supplies and the best furniture to match your needs.

Visit the warehouse or call Barren County Business Supply to find out more about our selection of pre-owned scratch and dent furniture.